Paul and Keltie in western outfits.


What is this trip all about, anyways?

Cycle touring around the world for a year seems like a grand adventure. A chance to reflect on priorities, try new things, and take a break from the status quo.

We want to visit countries and regions we haven’t been to. We also want to minimize plane travel between the three continents we will be visiting, instead using boats or trains whenever possible to connect cycling routes.

Trip Map
Our rough plan: visiting Central America; Europe; and Bali + Australia

Who are we?

Keltie Craig and Paul Bogaert normally live in Vancouver, British Columbia…about as far southwest as you can go in Canada without taking a boat.

Prior to going on this grand adventure, Keltie worked at the City of Vancouver as a social planner, leading the Healthy City Strategy.

Paul owned and operated the Bike Doctor for the last 27 years, focusing on commuter and touring cycling.

For the last 12 years, we have lived, played, and puttered around the Ironhorse Ranch – a 100 year old heritage home surrounded by organic vegetable gardens, fruit trees, berries, backyard hens, and excellent neighbours.